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Victorious Publisher Wanted For The Publication of my Poetry , in Paperback .

[ Note – Currently I seek a traditional publisher for the publication of my 46 varied Books in the Print form , which can be read in their entirety through ; Tumblr, Inc in the United States at – , webpage . My style of Poetry / literature is unique and has never ever been written before or experimented on the mortal planet by any mortal , though my Poetry / literature is normal and natural . GOD’S grace on me . i am nothing infront of GOD . i am nothing infront of GOD’S holy messengers . So any victorious publisher who may want to publish my Poetry in Paperback without Financial Expenditure to me , can directly communicate with me at the address , or ] .



Readers , can now browse above described Poetry Collection authored by the Indian Poet –  through Goodreads ; which is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations , at webpage—collected-poetry . This Book approximately has 1.15 million words, is of 4417 pages in the Microsoft Word Document Format and has a Print Length of 5254 pages, on the Amazon Kindle . The Poetry Collection contains thousands of Nikhil Parekh’s poems on – GOD , Peace, Love , Anti Terrorism, Friendship, Life, Death, Environment, Wildlife, Mother, Father, Children, Parenthood, Humanity, Social Cause, Women empowerment, Poverty, Lovers, Brotherhood. This Book has nearly 2160 differently titled Poems authored by the Poet and almost a 187000 lines in it.

With The Blessings Of Almighty God

We met on the boisterously bustling traffic streets; casting an evanescent glimpse amidst the juggernaut of bulky truck and traffic,

We flirted on the profusely foliated tree tops; winking at each other to the most unprecedented of our hearts content,

We stared unrelentingly under the creamy moon; trying to decipher our destinies sandwiched within the sparkling whites of our eye,

We flaunted our majestically robust skins under the dazzling Sun; basking in the flamboyant glory of its festoon of magnificently enchanting rays,

We fantasized to realms beyond fathomless eternity; tossing ardently on the astronomical summit of the gigantic mountain,

We shouted till the last breath down our lungs; profoundly relishing the mystically enticing voice which reverberated past boundless continents; after clashing against the gregarious rocks,

We merrily munched through a conglomerate of tantalizing fruit; sitting beside the rambunctiously quacking ducks in the farm,

We bathed indefatigably in the seductively dribbling gorgeous waterfall; profusely enjoying it every unleashing minute; as reinvigorating pints of liquid gushed past our skins,

We danced rhapsodically in the heart of the jungle; gyrating exuberantly to the vivacious rustling of the leaves; the royally spell binding tunes of the nightingale,

We kissed in the aisles of insatiably augmenting passion; engulfing our shivering flesh with compassionate blankets of breath,

We chased each other through the incomprehensible labyrinth of enigmatic tunnels; squealing like new born infants as the blackness took a vindictive stranglehold of the light,

We euphorically pulled our hair in the poignantly undulating sea; inundating our limp bodies with tons of piquantly pepped up salt,

We philandered in gay abandon on the golden stallion; sequestering our clandestine venture to the best of our ability from the uncouthly satanic society,

We discovered each other in the perpetually solitary dungeons; understanding the inexplicably varied aspects of bountiful existence,

We mischievously slapped each other on the bed covers of grandiloquently frozen ice; instilling a frenzied ardor in our lifelessly chilled veins,

We admired each other on the temple steps; fervently incarcerated by the stupendously fabulous creation of the Almighty Lord,

We slept under the island of opalescently shimmering stars; whispering the nostalgic tales of impeccable childhood in our intricately sensitive eardrums,

We proposed to each other at the crack of surreally obscure dawn; so that the first rays of the flaming morning stood an invincible testimonial to our sacred love,

And we married in the realms of the immortally divine heavens; with the blessings of Almighty God; ensuring that we stayed united in threads of holy matrimony for
times beyond what life could ever foresee.

The Final Verdict

I draped my silhouette in flowing robes of immaculate silk,

With golden brooches extruding out from the exquisitely stitched chicken collar,
An aromatic rose embossed solitarily in the upper pocket,
With the piquant musk cologne diffusing haphazardly from my cheek,
And a conspicuous triangle of sandalwood luminating large on tender regions of my forehead.
When I came in proximity with a leper; he passed eloquent remarks commenting,
On the impeccable complexion exhibited by my radiantly supple skin.
When I confronted a person bereft of sight; he scrupulously appreciated,
The sonorous crispness that was incorporated in my stringent voice.
When I inadvertently collided with a pedestrian; divested of the gift of sound and speech,
He exorbitantly admired the varsity of blended color that was visible to the naked eye.
When I traversed past a person; walking with crutches to support his mutilated leg,
He cast lingering glances towards the bulging muscle that clung to my impregnable feet.
When I encountered a ragamuffin beggar; strolling through the vacant street,
He riveted his gaze cupidly towards the prominent projections in my trouser pocket.
When I met an illiterate individual; using his ink coated thumb to sign a sheaf of documents,
He glanced at me with abhorrent prejudice; cursing my dexterous ability to write
and speak.
When I came in close association with an opulent businessman,
He gauged me suspiciously; contemplating various sources of my possible income.
When I came in cahoots with a professionally acknowledged wrestler,
He clasped my wrist in his invincible grip; thereby testing eventual aftermath’s of my grip.
When I came face to face with a belligerent soldier,
He made ludicrous mockery of my attire; haughtily envisaging his own dress on
the border.
When I came abreast of a rustic villager; carrying a bludgeon in his hand,
He stared unrelentingly; praising the contemporary styling of my clothes.
And finally when I met the girl I loved; she said I was looking voluptuously enchanting,
Flooding a myriad of open spaces on my shirt with passionate kisses,
I then fell in an enigmatic trance; disdainfully shrugging the opinions of a host of people I had previously encountered, with bountiful arenas in my mind considering her remarks as the final verdict.

You Were My Creator

Even if you crippled me for life; horrendously maiming both my arms and feet,

Even if you made me blind; snatching inevitable centers of vision from my body,

Even if you kicked me at every corner of life; making me taste the dirt on the dusty streets,

Even if you stripped my flesh off; whipping me incessantly with the brutal strokes of destiny,

Even if you made me dismally stutter; not enabling me to express myself the slightest,

Even if you snatched my dreams; inundating all my nights with ghastly perceptions of the devil,

Even if you made me walk on sizzling embers of fire; scorching the soles of my
foot to unprecedented limits,

Even if you chopped my body into infinite pieces; fed each of them to the satanically wandering vultures,

Even if you stole the smiles from my face; engulfing me in the appalling corridors of gloom for the entire of my life,

Even if you left a battalion of ferocious lions; thundering their way towards me; to pulverize me to mincemeat,

Even if you inflicted upon me the most incurable of deadly disease; killing me every second with tumultuous pain,

Even if you failed me miserably; making me dither abysmally in every sphere of life,

Even if you compelled me to beg on the streets; starve and shiver in agonizing cold of the winter night,

Even if you made people around me spit their saliva on my face; thrash me on my cheek to unleash their personal frustration,

Even if you showered only me with acrimonious acid; while you pelted upon others droplets of mesmerizing rain,
Even if you made me pathetically stumble at every step I took; always kept me sulking at the bottom of the mountain; while infact my mates had conquered it several number of times,

Even if you made me slither helplessly on the ground; unable and extremely weak to utter even the most tiniest of sound,

And even if you flooded my mind with negative thoughts; trying your level best to make me hate you; let me tell you that although you might have succeeded on all the previous occasions; but this time you would miserably fail; for I will always love you; and each beat of my heart; each word that I spoke; each breath that I inhaled; would immortally say; that you were the person i adored the most; you were my Creator.

You Could Yet Make Him Happy

God simply didn’t need anything; as his Omnipotent aura towered gloriously over every quarter; of this boundlessly mesmerizing Universe,
You could yet make him happy; by uninhibitedly embracing his organisms in inexplicably traumatic pain; nourishing them in your compassionately
philanthropic swirl.

God simply didn’t need anything; as his unconquerably bountiful majesty; unrelentingly ruled even the most infinitesimal of space on this; blissfully endowing
You could yet make him happy; by gregariously nourishing his underprivileged children with your own blood; never letting them feel that they were disastrously orphaned on this gigantic globe and all alone.

God simply didn’t need anything; as his overpoweringly unassailable scent; ingratiatingly perpetuated through even the most obsoletely remote corner of this;
fathomless earth,
You could yet make him happy; by being a benign harbinger of all humanity irrespective of caste; creed and spurious religion alike; altruistically harnessing
his maimed destitute; with your very own breath.

God simply didn’t need anything; as his everlastingly Omniscient radiance; profoundly illuminated even the most remorsefully darkened arenas on the
trajectory of this world,
You could yet make him happy; by patriotically blazing ahead for your sacrosanct motherland; ubiquitously disseminating the mantra of perennial righteousness;
to all those disdainfully withering in the web of; ghastly lies.

God simply didn’t need anything; as his marvelously Omnipresent radiance; timelessly enlightened every cranny of this gigantically enchanting earth; whether
it be gruesomely debilitating night or the brilliantly sweltering day,
You could yet make him happy; by wholeheartedly diffusing the humble ideals of priceless existence; to all his tyrannized molecules; groping in despondently
ungainly wilderness.

God simply didn’t need anything; as his invincibly supreme silhouette; irrefutably overshadowed the coagulated power on this Herculean Universe; like the sky handsomely overshadows the diminutive flies,
You could yet make him happy; by indefatigably patronizing the religion of mankind to the most boundless parts of this spell binding Universe; and till the time you breathed your last breath.

God simply didn’t need anything; as his resplendently Omnipotent form; perpetually ensured that the chapter of holistic life; astoundingly proliferated on this earth for times immemorial,
You could yet make him happy; by selflessly lending your shoulder to all those agonizingly blind; transport them to the aisles of unshakable safety; and thereby igniting a smile back; in their impoverished lives.

God simply didn’t need anything; as his fabulously impregnable contours blissfully marked the commencing of every new era; his ever bestowing palms were the
very reason that countless living were still alive,
You could yet make him happy; by eternally uniting with all his tumultuously bereaved tribes; celestially maneuvering them towards the corridors of unflinching
success; wrapped forever in the waves of incomprehensible solidarity.

God simply didn’t need anything; as his immortally undefeated persona relentlessly ensured; that unsurpassable new replaced every inevitably dying and dithering life,
You could yet make him happy; by compassionately liberating the chords of your gorgeously throbbing heart; to shower upon all his miserably unfortunate children; the torrentially unending cloudshowers of love; love and only unbiased love.

Yellow Beams Of Sunlight

When yellow beams of Sunlight passed through blood stained glass,
the rays transited to crimson red; with prominent tinges of pallid empathy.

when yellow beams of Sunlight permeated through a dense forage of leaves,
the rays converted to mesmerizing shadows; obfuscated from harsh light.

when yellow beams of Sunlight penetrated through pellucid pools of mountain water,
the rays transformed to a honey golden; converging like a quiver of arrows
on clusters of fish.

when yellow beams of Sunlight filtered through daintily polished finger nails,
the rays acquired color of pink avenues of tender skin.

when yellow beams of Sunlight sneaked through morbid interiors bathing in pitch darkness,
the rays illuminated the ghostly ambience with stringent rays of antiseptic light.

when yellow beams of Sunlight softly caressed frozen tunnels of white ice,
the rays lambasted the tyranny of savage winter; prompting the snow to melt.

when yellow beams of Sunlight fell on the clammy surface of stale tea,
the rays prompted its pallid persona to boisterously heat and sizzle.

when yellow beams of Sunlight pilfered through hollow crevices of teeth,
the rays fumigated obnoxious centers of rotten breath inhabiting in abundance.

when yellow beams of Sunlight plunged on the satiny mattress of scalp hair,
the rays reinvigorated intricate parts of brain machinery with holistic warmth.

and when yellow beams of light pierced through my heart; body; and soul,
the rays had overwhelming tasks of perpetually bonding me with my beloved,
amalgamating me and her for centuries galore; with the essence of our love
radiating its blissful fragrance.

With The First Rays Of Every Dawn

With the very first crackle of every sensitively aristocratic dawn; the very first thing that the fathomless deserts ardently prayed for; was blisteringly unceasing Sunshine; all throughout the tenure of the gloriously intrepid day,

With the very first rays of every ecstatically vibrant dawn; the very first thing that the gigantic mountains insatiably prayed for; was unflinchingly Herculean strength; all throughout the tenure of the blissfully harmonious day,

With the very first shimmer of every resplendently beaming dawn; the very first thing that the boisterous bees tirelessly prayed for; was mischievously cavorting fields of scarlet roses; all throughout the tenure of the symbiotically enamoring day,

With the very first unfurling of every euphorically heartening dawn; the very first thing that the uninhibited birds indefatigably prayed for; was boundless playgrounds of astoundingly crystalline sky; all throughout the tenure of the stupendously
fragrant day,

With the very first smile of every bewitchingly magnificent dawn; the very first thing that the frosty waters of the sea unrelentingly prayed for; was rhapsodically myseterious undulations; all throughout the tenure of the handsomely
charismatic day,

With the very first enlightening of every marvelously exotic dawn; the very first thing that the compassionately moistened leaves of the forest immutably prayed for; was enthrallingly timeless and vivacious adventure; all throughout the tenure of
the unfathomably mesmerizing day,

With the very first sparkle of every ebulliently innocuous dawn; the very first thing that the impeccably wailing infant inexorably prayed for; was divinely untainted milk of its mother; all throughout the tenure of the fantastically panoramic day,

With the very first glimmer of every synergistically emollient dawn; the very first thing that the preposterously dilapidated dungeon uncontrollably prayed for; was thunderbolts of endlessly unparalleled light; all throughout the tenure of the celestially
immaculate day,

With the very first sprinkle of every beautifully embellished dawn; the very first thing that the penuriously beleaguered eyes unlimitedly prayed for; was tantalizingly heavenly paradise; all throughout the tenure of the eternally silken day,

With the very first blessing of every wonderfully endowing dawn; the very first thing that the iridescently blooming nightingale unequivocally prayed for; was ubiquitously mollifying melody; all throughout the tenure of the majestically ingratiating day,

With the very first perpetuation of every holistically Spartan dawn; the very first thing that the murderously starved ears irrevocably prayed for; was the voice of philanthropically egalitarian humanity; all throughout the tenure of the jubilantly dazzling day,

With the very first horizon of every optimistically vibrant dawn; the very first thing that the regally roaring lion rapaciously prayed for; was the inimitable armor of unassailable kinsmanship; all throughout the tenure of the splendidly eclectic day,

With the very first spawning of every magnetically reinvigorating dawn; the very first thing that the bourgeoisie farmer infallibly prayed for; was the wholesome annihilation of even the most infinitesimal of parasite in his field; all throughout the tenure of the blessedly gregarious day,

With the very first fulmination of every sensuously rejuvenating dawn; the very first thing that the pristine pearl irretrievably prayed for; was the invincibly amiable shelter of its oyster shell; all throughout the magically destined day,

With the very first unraveling of every eloquently placating dawn; the very first thing that the altruistically fearless soldier unstoppably prayed for; was veritably scintillating victory; all throughout the tenure of the mystically exhilarating day,

With the very first insinuation of every convivially embracing dawn; the very first thing that the holistically dancing fairies limitlessly prayed for; was insuperably beautiful concord; all throughout the tenure of the robustly redolent day,

With the very first illumination of every miraculously ameliorating dawn; the very first thing that the diminutively hollow nostrils quintessentially prayed for; was a carpet of affably uninterrupted breath; all throughout the tenure of the propitiously
artistic day,

And with the very first unveiling of every Omnipotently revolutionizing dawn; the very first thing that every beat of my impoverished heart perpetually prayed for; was the heaven of immortally unconquerable love; not only for the tenure of the flamboyantly triumphant day; but for an infinite more enlightening daylights; for an infinite more brilliantly enlightening lifetimes.

Will You Be My Valentine?

Will you be the luckiest charm of my existence; a wish of supreme fulfillment that only led to humanitarian goodness; philanthropy and selflessness- as I nimbly tread by the grace of the Creator Divine?

Will you be the vivaciously dancing butterfly of love in my garden; illuminating every dreary nerve of mine- with the charm of your poignantly exuberant flight?

Will you be the scent of immortal companionship that drifted close to my nostrils; so that I forever floated in a paradise of goodness; unfettered and bonded in a mist of friendship sublime?

Will you be the rainbow of unflinching camaraderie that I sighted in tufts of blue; that ignited my spirit of symbiotic survival on divine earth; to the very fullest?

Will you be the droplet of tantalizing rain that cascaded down my roof; triggering a perennial yearning in my heart to be kissed in a domain; beyond the definitions of clockwork time?

Will you be the uninhibited stream that sparkled down the virgin slopes; embracing every element of my impoverished existence; with a wand of bountiful endowment?

Will you be those invisible tendrils of excitement that caressed my spine; awakening me from a stupor of inane practicality; towards the effulgently whistling winds of existence?

Will you be the fairy that casts a gorge of happiness wherever you went; a perpetual mist of bliss that I embraced; as I continued my truncated odyssey on soil?

Will you be that line of destiny on my palms that solely leads to truth; a flame that keeps the true passion of my life ignited with unparalleled caring?

Will you be the song that I cherished to sing the most in this Universe; a melody whose tunes drifted from the innermost arenas of my innocuous soul?

Will you be that undaunted living form by my side; in my times of ebullience and inexplicable misfortune alike; even as abuses were intransigently hurled from the planet outside?

Will you be the tinkling laughter that engulfed my ears with new-found hope; everytime I felt the ship of my scraggily penurious existence sink to the rock bottom of hopelessness?

Will you be the nightingale that unabashedly perched upon my shoulder; drowning me into ecstatic spasms of all the sweetness- that ever formed my imperfectly humane atmosphere?

Will you be every Lilly that blossomed on the path not dared taken; but the very path I chose to celebrate every moment of my synergistically intrepid existence?

Will you be the everlasting source of my child-like bewilderment; as the magic of your spontaneity continued to enthuse the informally bohemian footsteps of my life?

Will you be the ultimate seductress that drifted me away from the worst of crisis; far away from the world of greed; manipulation and satanic barbarism—like a prince near your amiably compassionate bosom?

Will you be the reason that I found new-found optimism to survive; not only reaching the zenith myself—but reaching out the balm of unhindered love and humanity to every single of my fellow beings?

Will you be the voice that I could easily differentiate from amongst every other on the planet; as it was my own heart’s cry to forever unite with my soul-mate in this life and every life hence-forth- destined?

I guess its time to propose to you now—and that’s exactly what I am doing from deep within my heart O! Beloved- will you be my Valentine


There was no mountain born on this Universe; which was more formidable than it; coming even an infinitesimal iota abreast its impregnable tenacity,

There was no fire born on this Universe; which was more vivaciously flamboyant than it; as it incessantly swirled in the aisles of vibrant compassion,

There was no color born on this Universe; which was more gorgeous than it; as it resembled the angels in the sweltering heat of the day; as well as each instant of the voluptuously alluring night,

There was no sky born on this Universe; which was more fathomless than it; as it was the procreator of every tangible entity wandering merrily on this colossal planet,

There was no flower born on this Universe; which was more fragrant than it; as it bloomed fabulously into a scent; that caressed the souls of countless loitering
aimlessly; alike,

There was no contraption born on this Universe; which was more contemporary than it; as it incredulously withstood the test of all times; evolving the most ingeniously superior organism; like brilliant streaks of white electricity in blue sky,

There was no ocean born on this Universe; which was more unfathomable than it; as it ubiquitously disseminated its waves of harmony and perennial bliss; to all those shivering in torrential pain,

There was no magnet born on this Universe; which was more attractive than it; as it captivated even the most remotely alien of persona; in its stupendously divine swirl,

There was no philosophy born on this Universe; which was more sacrosanct than it; as it preached the most holistic existence; even centuries before you were born,

There was no truth born on this Universe; which was more irrefutable than it; as it triumphantly massacred the very essence of blatant lies; from even the most oblivious wind of this gigantic earth,

There was no power born on this Universe; which was more invincible than it; as it defended you against the most mightiest of attacks; within a single wink of its eye,

There was no entertainment born on this Universe; which was more efficacious than its flurry of boisterous activity; pacifying each of your overwhelmingly frazzled senses; with its miraculous enchantment and charm,

There was no Sun born on this Universe; which was more dazzling than it; as it spread the aura of its marvelously Omnipotent shine; to each house miserably staggering in ghastly blackness,

There was no star born on this Universe; which was more resplendent than it; as it filtered its charismatically symbiotic beams; to profoundly illuminate the disdainful caricature of unearthly darkness,

There was no wind born on this Universe; which was more serene than it; as it insurmountably mollified every traumatically agonized individual; in the river
of its unending love,

There was no bird born on this Universe; which could fly higher than it; as it indefatigably soared higher than the satiny clouds; uplifting the impoverished
into an entrenchment of celestial goodness,

There was no mysticism born on this Universe; which was more enigmatic than it; as it engulfed even the most treacherously mundane of entity in the poignantly escalating wave of its mesmerizing enthrallment,

There was no complexion born on this Universe; which was more beautiful than it; as it imparted perennial shelter to the profusely infirm; in its unbelievably passionate interiors,

There was no victory born on this Universe; which was more greater than it; as it tirelessly fought not just for itself; but for shielding the lives of boundless innocent; about to be born,

There was no tree born on this Universe; which was more bountiful than it; as it perpetually bestowed the most wonderfully priceless gift of humanity; in each hopelessly barren cranny of this gargantuan world,

There was no smile born on this Universe; which was more benevolent than it; as it magnanimously embraced even the most hideously sinister in its heavenly swirl; giving all an equal opportunity to diffuse their quota of goodness on this planet,

There was no emotion born on this Universe; which was more effusively volatile than it; as it fulminated into the most glorious catharsis of the conscience every unveiling moment; striking the chord of humanity with incomprehensible; alike,

There was no blessing born on this Universe; which was more benign than it; as it spread the sweetness of symbiotic survival; granted every philanthropic wish of yours; even before you could nimbly utter it,

There was no richness born on this Universe; which was more opulent than it; as it made you feel the most prosperous organism alive; even in infinite more births you were destined to take birth again,

There was no aroma born on this Universe; which was more Omnipresent than it; as it inhabited each dwelling where there even the most inconspicuous sign of life; relentlessly propelling the chapter of existence to continue till the time God wanted it to,

There was no enchantment born on this Universe; which was more stupefying than it; as it cast its majestically spell binding spirit; to every soul withering abominably towards the corridors of threadbare extinction,

There was no ray born on this Universe; which was more handsome than it; as it blazed a trail of ultimate splendor; even on the most pathetically dwindling paths that it caressed,

There was no energy born on this Universe; which was more everlasting than it; as it single handedly bore the brunt of all the ferociously diabolical around; unshakably rising to every ruthless disaster; like a supremely embellished princess,

There was no summit born on this Universe; which was more towering than it; as it overshadowed every shade of the invidiously evil; with its royal grace and
Omniscient light,

There was no bond born on this Universe; which was more stronger than it; as it astoundingly fortified its Oligarchic grip; upon the cradle of compassionate empathy; for unbelievable more lives to come,

There was no sword born on this Universe; which was more mightier than it; as it beheaded even the most infinitesimal of devil; lingering insidiously around its innocuously frolicking children,

There was no seed born on this Universe; which was more fertile than it; as it blossomed into a festoon of newness and excitement every unfurling minute; spawning the most exotic creation of Almighty Lord,

There was no season born on this Universe; which was more ravishing than it; as it showered its virtue of ever pervading righteousness; upon each molecule of God; in an enclosure of harmonious unity and humanitarian pride,

There was no path born on this Universe which was more enticing than it; as it unrelentingly intrigued countless; with its incomprehensibly unending prowess
to serve all mankind,
There was no continent born on this Universe; which was more fascinating than it; as it harbored each element of prosperous survival in its amicable corridors; ensuring that all those benevolent; reached the pinnacle of glittering success,

There was no honey born on this Universe; which was more sweeter than it; as it wholeheartedly distributed the winds of united existence; propagated the essence
of solidarity in every passionate heart on this earth,

There was no rainbow on this Universe; which was more magically striking than it; as it unfurled into an unsurpassable myriad of enriching shades; to grant all those deluged in drudgery; an absolute reprieve from sinful malice,

There was no soil born on this Universe; which was more ravishing than it; as it culminated into an emphatic breeze of friendship; in the most malevolent of
storm; and harmony; alike,

There was no relationship born on this Universe; which was more amiable than it; as it offered its ubiquitous wings to all those treacherously deprived who needed it; before offering them unequivocal shelter for the freezing night,

There was no artist born on this Universe; who was more passionate than it; as it assimilated all the beauty of this globe; in its cradle of ebullient happiness,

There was no sound born on this Universe; which was more melodious than it; as it euphorically sung the tunes of a splendidly incarcerating life; mitigating all those engulfed with horrifically despicable despair,

There was no meadow born on this Universe; which was more sprouting than it; as it blissfully harnessed each enlightening attribute of existence with its own blood; reinforcing each bit of the gruesomely bad; with the irrevocable thunderbolts of divine life,

There was no reflection born on this Universe; which was more marvelous than it; as it consecrated even the most lecherous bits of dilapidated ash; with the unprecedented love lingering in its soul,

There was no magic born on this Universe; which was more alluring than it; as it unbelievably spawned the most intellectual of all organisms; to save the planet from ghastly clutches of misery and stinking mice,

There was no panacea born on this Universe; which was more effective than it; as it instilled rejuvenating life in even those; well sunken in beneath their gory graves and without the slightest trace of light,

There was no mission born on this Universe; which was more fulfilling than it; as it accomplished the greatest purpose of the Almighty; by immortally continuing his sacred chapter of existence,

There was no current born on this Universe; which was more vividly passionate than it; as it evolved a complete life from just a capriciously changing conglomerate of cells and space; rambunctiously ensuring that there was not the tiniest of insinuation
of stillness or morbid malice,

There was no idea born on this Universe; which was more incarcerating than it; as it still remained the most fascinating mechanism of chiseling a perfect organism; even in a world drowned abhorrently in robotic prejudice,

There was no fashion on this Universe; which was more versatile than it; as it acclimatized itself to the most ferociously vacillating conditions; celestially metamorphosing its intricate form; every now and again; to blend with the cry
of painstakingly suffering humanity,

There was no gift on this Universe; which was more precious than it; as it manifested every person’s ultimate dream into a veritable reality; gave him a reason to live with astronomical pride; even well past his own times,

There was no longing on this Universe; which was more ardent than it; as it triggered insatiable cloudbursts of craving; for all those deplorably blind; to witness their sole messiah with golden sight,

There was no line on this Universe; which was more straighter than it; as it basked in the undefeatable glory of candid honesty; diffusing the rays of a fantastically optimistic tomorrow; as each day persevering unraveled into the queenly night,

There was no boundary on this Universe; which was more boundless than it; as it encompassed all merciful living kind; in the heavenly pace that forever enveloped its sparkling form, There was no prayer on this Universe; which was more revered than it; as it was a magical wand for pioneering all forms and fraternities of vibrant life;
sowing the cherishable seeds of a symbiotic existence,

O! yes; it made you feel the most invincible entity on this planet till the time you were in it; bequeathing upon you an incomprehensible ardor to lead a countless more lives; when you wonderfully came out,

It was the ultimate place that you belonged to on this earth; the very reason that you were able to read and I was able to fervently write until this line; the only cradle which gave you life; the only cradle on this globe which embraced you like an angel even after your condemnable death; infact a place none other than your own blood and signature; a place none other than your MOTHERS WOMB.