Nobody Is A Slave Of Anybody.

Nobody is a slave of anybody; emotionlessly slavering to even the most infinitesimal commands of the master; being incarcerated within chains of sadistic malice; whilst robustly exuberant blood fulminated in his veins,

Nobody is a puppet of anybody; indefatigably dancing to the music of sacrilegious prejudice; pathetically maneuvered like melting ice; towards the mortuaries of
the cold-blooded devil,

Nobody is a commodity of anybody; being raunchily sold and repackaged within the next few minutes; just to earn a tawdrily decrepit armory of cannibalistically greedy notes,

Nobody is a shadow of anybody; incorrigibly sticking to the most anomalous form of venomously parasitic living being; just to mollify the most unthinkably perverted of whims,

Nobody is a lynchpin of anybody; being incessantly hammered for no ostensible reason or rhyme; just to tickle the funny bone of the rich man; whose demonic
throne was solely and profusely soaked in innocent blood,

Nobody is a follower of anybody; blindly accepting even the most idiosyncratic ideologies of the opposite man; just because he was sanctimoniously adorned in
a brilliantly white robe,

Nobody is a student of anybody; meaninglessly imbibing the principles of existence within the 4ft X 4 ft classroom and amidst a robotically dictatorial pile of books; when infact the true mantra of life was timelessly learnt by leaving the body and soul
wholesomely uninhibited and reverberating with the symbiotic surroundings,

Nobody is a leftover of anybody; being worthlessly kicked into the furthermost corners of the unbearably fetid dustbin; after tirelessly appeasing the satanic
gluttony of the so called; blasphemous master,

Nobody is a reflection of anybody; blandly portraying his beautifully rubicund face on every wall and mirror; whenever the other wretchedly febrile organism wanted to sight his own face; but was afraid of witnessing his abysmally gory contours,

Nobody is a waiter of anybody; serving the most tantalizingly ecstatic dishes at the most mercurial kick to the rear; whilst himself famishing the last bone down his spine into the tunnels of spiteful nothingness,

Nobody is a sweeper of anybody; uxoriously cleaning and licking the last iota of grime from the master’s shoe; and then dementedly entering his bathroom to
clean his lividly soiled lavatory seat,

Nobody is a flatterer of anybody; seamlessly praising even the most dingily misanthropic deeds ever committed on all mankind; just to ensure himself a
diminutive roof over his worthlessly molecular head,

Nobody is a pathway of anybody; senselessly laying himself on the most acrimoniously vindictive battalion of abject thorns; so that the feet of the other living
being perennially tread on royal silk; whenever he chose to limp or walk,

Nobody is a prey of anybody; entirely sacrificing even the most inconspicuous element of his life to the devil’s command; simply to superstitiously increase the age of his every sibling,

Nobody is a dwelling of anybody; foolishly trying to accommodate even the most merrily triumphant of living being in his body; unacceptably making all living kind
go to pathetic sleep; even before it could learn to walk on its own feet,

Nobody is an experiment of anybody; wantonly allowing even the most evanescent pore of his body; to be perpetuated with an infinite medicines and sinister contraptions; for the so called amelioration of human kind,

Nobody is a whore of anybody; criminally surrendering every ounce of venerated flesh bestowed upon by the Almighty; just to titillate the already pugnaciously
impotent hairs on the male chauvinists skin,

Nobody is a breath of anybody; sinfully ending his very own priceless life; just in order to rejuvenate and bless another organisms despondently venomous body; which was already chosen by the heavens to irrefutably die,

Everybody works shoulder to shoulder with everybody. But we all are; have been and shall always be; slaves, commodities; puppets; experiments; breaths; preys; pathways; flatterers; sweepers; waiters; leftovers; students; followers; shadows and an
infinite more; of the Omnipresent Almighty Lord.


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