No Replacements

Rhapsodic joy replaced; agonizing anecdotes of despairing sadness,

Opulent wealth replaced; disastrously impoverished caricatures of; miserably slithering poverty,

Impeccably sparkling light replaced; deplorably fetid darkness; a dungeon of parasitic gloom since centuries unprecedented,

Tornados of Herculean strength replaced; despicably withering bodies; tottering towards the corridors of extinction,

A festoon of torrentially amicable smiles replaced; morbidly frustrating boredom; pulverizing you to raw ash each instant,

Voluptuously charismatic blankets of mysticism replaced; stringent monotony; augmenting more hideously than the devils as time unveiled,

Nostalgic childhood replaced; lecherous incidents of ghastly manipulation; tyrannizing you to the realms of ultimate doomsday,

Incessantly ticking clock replaced; baseless laziness; perpetually massacring the last iota of exuberant energy from your robust body,

Invincible conviction replaced; entities stuttering at every step they took; eventually collapsing like a pile of inconspicuous matchsticks,

Persevering hard work replaced; lackadaisically nictitating mice; surrendering in meek submission; even before the mission commenced,

Prudently sagacious education replaced; hopeless caverns of pathetic illiteracy; pulverizing a person like mincemeat; in today’s acrimonious society,

Irrefutable truth replaced; gory corpses of blatant lies; infiltrating like a pertinent leech into blissful quarters of society,

Immaculate skies of honesty replaced; heartbreaking encounters of betrayal; utterly devastating an individual to lead a shamefully crippled life,

Indefatigable cloud covers of innovation replaced; abhorrent stagnation; rotting treacherously towards the satanic atmosphere of hell,

Insatiable simplicity replaced; the unfathomable webs of bizarre complication; uncouthly stabbing each asset of preciously gifted life,

Enchanting rain’s of fantasy replaced; frigidly heinous commercial reality; profusely incapacitating man from; enriching with God’s grace,

Resplendently twinkling stars replaced; anguished wounds in inexplicable pain; a terrorizing darkness that enveloped like perilous swords from all sides,

Ravishingly exotic ocean’s of fragrance replaced; insurmountably decaying stench of the gutters; inundated with crime; lies and derogatory messengers of mankind,

The innocent voice of the conscience replaced; all sinister sins of past; present and future lives,

But there was no replacement for Love; as the moment you tried to replace it; it only got substituted by more formidable equations of immortal love; for as long as life on the planet existed; for as long as it took birth again; and again and again.


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